Here at Total Interiors, we offer a full Racking Inspection Service. HSE recommends having a Racking Inspection at least once a year with SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufactures Association) recommending that inspections are carried out on the ‘Onion Skin’ principal with several levels of inspection. This is were we come in…

Damaged or unsafe racking presents a significant risk in the workplace. Any failures can have a serious impact on a warehousing operation, with potential loss of product, threat to human life and ultimately penalties including heavy fines and risk of prosecution.

Our main aim is to keep a healthy, safe working environment in the warehouse. This is why we encourage everyone to have their Racking Inspected under PUWER, as its considered to be working equipment meaning it has to be examined regularly and maintained in good working order so that no member of staff working with or around the equipment is in significant danger.

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