COVID-19 Range & Support.

Here at Team Total we have always valued Health and Safety above anything else. When the pandemic started, we worked hard to ensure our work processes were safe for everyone involved. We have always strived to offer our clients the best advice, products and service we are able to give.

As the country moves back into a form of “business as usual” it is important that all companies take their health and safety regulations seriously. We are able to offer our clients a complete range of COVDI-19 social distancing measures as well as a variety of screening options. Before you implement any if the COVID-19 safety measures we always reccomend performing an accurate and detailed risk assessment.

Due to the delicate nature of this topic, we will only provide products and services after assessing each clients work spaces. With our knowledge and expertise in risk assessments and health & safety provides a solid backbone to any task unedrtaken by team total.

You can view our COVID-19 range here.