Size 7 Linbins – Pack of 10


  • Open front storage bins made in the UK
  • Available in 9 sizes
  • Made of tough black 100% recycled polypropylene with long lifespan
  • Same Linbins high quality with no additives
  • Reinforced structure allows for stacking and to prevent bending or cracking
  • Compatible with all Linbin accessories and storage solutions, including wall-mounted louvre panels, shelving, cabinets and trolleys
  • Labelling included as standard
  • Size 2 Linbin = 1 LBU

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Black recycled Linbins are our most environmentally friendly and economical small parts storage bin, made from 100% recycled polypropylene and contains no additives. These recycled picking bins have the same quality, strength and durability than our other Linbin ranges and therefore doesn’t compromise functionality and compatibility with our Linbin accessories. Available in black colour and 9 sizes, these recycled Linbins can offer you the most cost-effective and ecological storage solution.

Lead Time1 Day
Pack Quantity10
Load (kg)36kg
BrandSchoeller Allibert