Size 9 Linbins – Pack of 5


  • Open front storage bins made in the UK
  • Available in 9 sizes
  • Available in 5 colours (blue, red, green, yellow and grey)
  • Made of tough and durable polypropylene with long lifespan
  • Reinforced structure allows for stacking and to prevent bending or cracking
  • Compatible with all Linbin accessories and storage solutions, including wall-mounted louvre panels, shelving, cabinets and trolleys
  • Labelling included as standard
  • Size 2 Linbin = 1 LBU

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Linbins are the original open fronted small parts storage and components bins made here in UK. Made of tough polypropylene ensures they can be stacked, for stand-alone storage, or mounted on a Louvre Panel. Along with their reinforced ribs for a strong construction, these pick bins are available in 9 sizes, available in 5 classic colours and come boxed with bin labels for stored contents or bin location.

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Pack Quantity5
Load (kg)54kg
BrandSchoeller Allibert